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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ]   Created: 2/2/13   Closing date: 2/28/13

Innompic Web Games - #1 Global Competition among Innovatorsthe 1st Innompic Web Games innompics.com - Innollympic internet-games among innovators - will be held immediately after Olympics 2014. Innovators are the people who change the World. While Olympic games let best atheles shine, Innompic Games help smartest innopreneurs shine. Another benefit of web games is that teams don't need to travel, they can play at home. Innompic web games democratize Olympic games by giving equal and easy participation opportunities to all innovators around the World.


Media File  The Hymn of Innompic Games "I Have a Difference To Make!"
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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ] 2/2/13 Add a comment
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Play at home, shine globally!
  Vadim Kotelnikov 9.17 2/2/13
Play at home, become a global innovation star!
  Vadim Kotelnikov 8.33 2/2/13
Innogames for innosmarts!
  Ravi Bindra 7.67 2/9/13
Prove that not phones only can be smart!
Humorous Anchali Hyapha 7.5 2/18/13
Trully democratic web-Olympics for innopreneurs!
  Victoria Kozlova 7.17 2/9/13
Make amazing breakthroughs!
  Dragan Dejkovic 5.25 2/11/13
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