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[ World IG 2020 ]   Created: 10/15/20   Closing date: 11/30/20

IG 2020 Finalists, click on  the 'Bulb' button on your right to submit your slogan.

Type your slogan in the very first editable field, above the 'Description' field.

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Advertising Slogan
[ Dennis Kotelnikov ] 10/17/20 Add a comment
Expert rating 7.71
Public rating 7.71

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Art-efficient, Nature-friendly!
  Kseniya Kotelnikova 8.43 10/17/20
Animal Friendly Human Ingenuity
  Michael Zelin 8.29 11/8/20
Purpose served, animals alive!
  Dennis Kotelnikov 7.71 10/17/20
Feel your instincts!
  Marina Vorobeva 7.14 11/13/20
Sustainable, fashionable wear..
  Irene Chingama 7 11/6/20
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