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  Discover it earlier to lengthen your happiness! Advertising Slogan 1/18/17 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Amazinly good in bed! Advertising Slogan 6/21/14 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Enjoy cheep & healthy beer baths! Advertising Slogan 2/24/13 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Every problem brings around an opportunity! Comment 2/20/13 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Save immensely on your drink bill! Advertising Slogan 2/12/13 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Play at home, become a global innovation star! Advertising Slogan 2/2/13 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Play at home, shine globally! Advertising Slogan 2/2/13 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Potatoes are bonds that keep a family together! Advertising Slogan 6/13/12 Vadim Kotelnikov
  New slogans: Late is better then never:-))) Comment 2/4/11 Vadim Kotelnikov
  An ad slogan for talent seekers Comment 1/22/11 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Communicate at deeper level! Advertising Slogan 1/18/11 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Amaze yourself with your talents! Advertising Slogan 12/27/10 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Give it and become sexually attractive instantly! Advertising Slogan 12/23/10 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Apples! We were born thanks to them! Advertising Slogan 12/22/10 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Don't twinkle, shine! Advertising Slogan 12/12/10 Vadim Kotelnikov
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