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  Malaysian Creation Vibration! Advertising Slogan 4/23/18 Anchali Hyapha
  In your country, you're an uninvited guest Advertising Slogan 8/8/14 Anchali Hyapha
  We do have our own deep values, but they're not valued by US Comment 8/6/14 Anchali Hyapha
  Your best friend must be the best, not the cheapest! Advertising Slogan 6/21/14 Anchali Hyapha
  Prove that not phones only can be smart! Advertising Slogan 2/18/13 Anchali Hyapha
  Colgate opens all gates! Advertising Slogan 5/18/11 Anchali Hyapha
  Ravi. thank's for sharing this Comment 1/27/11 Anchali Hyapha
  An apple a day, keeps medical expenses away! Advertising Slogan 1/22/11 Anchali Hyapha
  Apples – the God's choice! Advertising Slogan 12/25/10 Anchali Hyapha
  In my country, it doesn't work, unfortunately:-))) Comment 12/23/10 Anchali Hyapha
  Do your talents collect dust? Let them shine at Fun4Biz! Advertising Slogan 12/12/10 Anchali Hyapha
  The Wonder Land of discoveries and fun! Advertising Slogan 10/18/10 Anchali Hyapha
  Marketing Secrets of the Rich Dad Brand Comment 12/24/09 Anchali Hyapha
  Borrow a good life! Advertising Slogan 10/4/09 Anchali Hyapha
  We'll emerge stronger as only the strongest will survive! Advertising Slogan 4/12/09 Anchali Hyapha
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