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  IG 2020 Awakened My Inner Joker! Advertising Slogan 9/9/20 Ravi Bindra
  What holds you back? Shake it off! Advertising Slogan 9/9/20 Ravi Bindra
  Turn a decline to a take off! Advertising Slogan 9/9/20 Ravi Bindra
  Why vegetating? Be creative - now! Advertising Slogan 9/9/20 Ravi Bindra
  Get inspired, change the World, have fun! Advertising Slogan 4/19/18 Ravi Bindra
  Your most important Crystal Ball! Advertising Slogan 1/17/17 Ravi Bindra
  Your dear door to the Dreamworld! Advertising Slogan 6/21/14 Ravi Bindra
  Great idea! Comment 2/24/13 Ravi Bindra
  100% agree! Comment 2/24/13 Ravi Bindra
  Wow, I've never thought about this opportunity!:-))))) Comment 2/12/13 Ravi Bindra
  Handy beer anywhere anytime! Advertising Slogan 2/12/13 Ravi Bindra
  Innogames for innosmarts! Advertising Slogan 2/9/13 Ravi Bindra
  Keep the dentists away! Advertising Slogan 5/22/11 Ravi Bindra
  15 funny Apple commercials Comment 1/22/11 Ravi Bindra
  Apples of your eye! Advertising Slogan 1/22/11 Ravi Bindra
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