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  All you need is love! Modification 4/21/09 Dragan Dejkovic
  GREAT!!! Here is a parable illustrating this slogan Comment 8/25/14 Dragan Dejkovic
  I should try it! Comment 8/6/08 Dragan Dejkovic
  A joke about a guitar and a tuna fish Comment 8/15/09 Dragan Dejkovic
  Well, now I like this slogan most:-)) Comment 12/12/10 Dragan Dejkovic
  This slogan appeals to me best! Comment 12/12/10 Dragan Dejkovic
  Your appletude determines your altitude! Advertising Slogan 1/26/11 Dragan Dejkovic
  The first mentioned and the most famous fruit! Advertising Slogan 12/23/10 Dragan Dejkovic
  Open the door to unlimitness joy and achievement! Advertising Slogan 12/12/10 Dragan Dejkovic
  Let your soul go free and your body follow. Advertising Slogan 8/14/10 Dragan Dejkovic
  Let me reveal your greatness! Advertising Slogan 3/18/10 Dragan Dejkovic
  Enjoy achievements, freedom and respect! Advertising Slogan 12/25/09 Dragan Dejkovic
  We'll help you discover your stress resistance limits! Advertising Slogan 9/26/09 Dragan Dejkovic
  Second step towards the Planet of Loving Creators! Advertising Slogan 4/14/18 Dragan Dejkovic
  We save your time! Advertising Slogan 8/8/08 Dragan Dejkovic
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