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[ Vadim Stebakov ]   Created: 8/15/09   Closing date: 8/31/09

 Any guitar: acoustic, electric, bass, solo, jumbo, ...

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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ] 8/15/09
Expert rating 8.4
Public rating 8.33

[ Victoria Kozlova ] 8/15/09
Expert rating 8.4
Public rating 8.33

For best results, play bass guitar.

Tree of discussion
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Play the stings of your soul.
  Vadim Kotelnikov 8.33 8/15/09
Play on the nerves of your hated neighbors
Humorous Victoria Kozlova 8.33 8/15/09
A joke about a guitar and a tuna fish
Humorous Dragan Dejkovic 8/15/09
Another Joke
Humorous Vadim Stebakov 8/15/09
The six strings of your soul
  Ravi Bindra 6.6 8/15/09
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