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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ]   Created: 8/16/20   Closing date: 10/15/20

The pandemic caused us to conduct 4th World Innompic Games 2020 online.

The online nature of IG 2020 allowed us to create new value for participants and the World. For instance, new countries, familiy teams, individual contestants and kids may participate.

Create an appealing marketing slogan that will highlight innovative value of online IG.

Maximum length of a slogan: 5 words, propositions are not counted.

Each participant of IG 2020 may create up to 3 slogans as different entries.

Top Rated

Advertising Slogan
[ Kseniya Kotelnikova ] 9/4/20
Expert rating 9.67
Public rating 9.67

Advertising Slogan
[ Dennis Kotelnikov ] 8/23/20
Expert rating 9.5
Public rating 9.6

Tree of discussion
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Innompic Sunrise over the paralysed Earth
  Kseniya Kotelnikova 9.67 9/4/20
Innompic oasis amidst the pandemic desert!
  Dennis Kotelnikov 9.6 8/23/20
Pandemic? Game! Emerge, reframe!
  Marina Vorobeva 9.5 8/17/20
Wonderful pandemic-born Invention Tree!
  Dennis Kotelnikov 9.4 8/16/20
Heart of the new INNormal
  Irene Chingama 9 9/13/20
Innoprenuers touching lives Globally
  Macmilan Murebwa 8.67 9/13/20
One screen, millions of geniuses!
  Tinashe Chiropa 8.5 9/14/20
Audacity above the pandemic mist
  Muhammad Farhan Mohd Taufik 8.5 9/8/20
Re-inventing the future
  Irene Chingama 8.33 9/13/20
Shooting star in gloomy sky
  Irene Chingama 8.33 9/13/20
Online Innompics: celebrate creativity 24/7
  Michael Zelin 8.33 8/30/20
IG-2020 online: vision 20/20 & beyond!
  Michael Zelin 8.33 8/30/20
Online Innompics: be a part of creative movement!
  Michael Zelin 7.33 8/30/20
The icebreaker for the World's creative energy!
  Kseniya Kotelnikova 8 9/6/20
Solution to future,present,past!
  Muhammad Qaedi 8 9/8/20
The silver lining of the pandemic cloud!
  Dennis Kotelnikov 8 8/20/20
Play the Innompic Game-be aflame!
  Marina Vorobeva 7.75 8/17/20
Pandemic is a chance for creative polemic!
  Marina Vorobeva 8 8/17/20
Show the World the way out of the crisis!
  Kseniya Kotelnikova 7.67 9/6/20
Innompic for future and beyond!
Loving Innoprenuers for the future.
  Macmilan Murebwa 7.33 9/13/20
creative entreprenuers giving hope online
  Macmilan Murebwa 7 9/13/20
Innoprenuers touching lives Globally
  Macmilan Murebwa 7 9/13/20
High Artistry over this Pandemic!
  Nur Umaira Sofiya Binti ‘Ashari 7.33 9/8/20
Innovative, entreprenuers giving hope online
  Macmilan Murebwa 7.33 9/13/20
Solution to peak of earth!
  Muhammad Qaedi 7.25 9/11/20
Innompic:A water in the dessert!
  Muhammad Qaedi 7.25 9/8/20
Connect with Six Billion Innovators!
  Tinashe Chiropa 7 9/14/20
What holds you back? Shake it off!
  Ravi Bindra 6.5 9/9/20
Why vegetating? Be creative - now!
  Ravi Bindra 6.5 9/9/20
Turn a decline to a take off!
  Ravi Bindra 6.5 9/9/20
Safe Heaven for Innnovators!
  Tinashe Chiropa 6 9/14/20
Re: World Innompic Games 2020 online
  Muhammad Qaedi 9/8/20
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