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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ]   Created: 8/30/20   Closing date: 9/29/20

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[ Dennis Kotelnikov ] 8/30/20
Expert rating 10
Public rating 10

World-changers address creative challenges

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[ Kseniya Kotelnikova ] 9/4/20
Expert rating 9
Public rating 9

All-win intellectual Innompic Games 2020 breed World champions!

Tree of discussion
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Innompic Rainbow of Innopreneurial Arts!
  Dennis Kotelnikov 10 8/30/20
Who Will Amaze You Most?
  Kseniya Kotelnikova 9 9/4/20
IG 2020 online: the event that erases all borders!
  Marina Vorobeva 8.5 9/4/20
IG-2020 online: creativity celebration without borders!
  Michael Zelin 8 9/9/20
Re: IG 2020 online: the event that erases all borders!
  Michael Zelin 9/9/20
IG 2020 Awakened My Inner Joker!
  Ravi Bindra 8.5 9/9/20
Russian team IG 2020: be a member of a large creative family
  Marina Vorobeva 7 9/12/20
Do you think you can do more ?! Play IG 2020 !
  Marina Vorobeva 6.5 9/4/20
Innompics USA: Join the Team Online!
  Michael Zelin 5.5 8/30/20
Innompics USA Online: Ingenuity in Action
  Michael Zelin 8.5 8/30/20
Innompics USA Online: Be a Part of a Creative Movement!
  Michael Zelin 5.5 8/30/20
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