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  Is he really that bad? Comment 4/21/16 Ravi Bindra
  Welcome to India! I hope the 1st Innompic will be held here Comment 4/21/16 Ravi Bindra
  I'm sure this will have a great impact if done properly Comment 4/21/16 Ravi Bindra
  Half-filled Bucket with a Bait Solution 11/10/11 Ravi Bindra
  Thank's, Vadim! I'll try this technique! Comment 11/10/11 Ravi Bindra
  Drivetronic - a solution to reduce traffic jam Comment 9/22/11 Ravi Bindra
  Great Beer Snacks under the Same Brand Solution 8/1/11 Ravi Bindra
  Ridicule Terrorism, Create a Series of Joke Solution 3/11/11 Ravi Bindra
  Adding a Movement Detector Modification 11/29/10 Ravi Bindra
  UK: Making Unemployed To Pick Litter Comment 11/28/10 Ravi Bindra
  Anti Snoring Latex Pillow Comment 9/13/10 Ravi Bindra
  Re: A special blocking button Comment 8/7/10 Ravi Bindra
  A Scary Fair Tale Solution 8/7/10 Ravi Bindra
  Drink a Lot of Beer (a funny commercial) Comment 3/20/10 Ravi Bindra
  Re: Using Reiki Positive Affirmations Comment 2/2/10 Ravi Bindra
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