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[ Swetlana Mitina ]   Created: 7/26/10   Closing date: 8/25/10

What ways we have to preserve our children from gas when they are alone at the kitchen or at home?

Of course we can tell them how dangerous is to turn switch of gas stove. And of course we can turn over a gas-crane. But is it enough?

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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ] 8/12/10
Expert rating 9.25
Public rating 9.2

An electronic gas switch woud turn the gas on if the "On" command was given by registered fingertips only.

This would also reduce crime as many killers murder their victims by the means of gas.

[ Swetlana Mitina ] 7/26/10
Expert rating 7.8
Public rating 7.83

I think it is necessary to create any blocking device with a button in the place which is hard-to-reach for the children. This device should block gas before its delivering to a gas-burner.

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Fingertips Control
Humorous Vadim Kotelnikov 9.2 8/12/10
A special blocking button
  Swetlana Mitina 7.83 7/26/10
Re: A special blocking button
  Ravi Bindra 8/7/10
A Scary Fair Tale
  Ravi Bindra 6.83 8/7/10
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