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[ Anchali Hyapha ]   Created: 11/26/08   Closing date: 12/31/08
How to deal with snoring? My husband snores awfully! I cannot sleep! Could anybody suggest any creative solution?

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[ Elena Dobrynchenko ] 11/27/08
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Public rating 8.33

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ChimneyA chimney master would advise the following. When your husband fells asleep, spead his legs. You'll see, he'll stop snoring!

Why? There is no medical explanation to this phenomenon.

The chimney calls it "improving draught".:-)))

[ Dragan Dejkovic ] 11/27/08
Expert rating 6.25
Public rating 6.17

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Anchali, I published a silutiion in the "New Products" section. It's called "An Anti-Snoring Whistler".

A traditional medicine says you should whistle if you wish someone to stop snorring. This electronic device would recognize a snoring noise and start whistling.

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