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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ]   Created: 4/23/09   Closing date: 5/31/09
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Killing Ideas
[ Vadim Kotelnikov ] 5/11/09 Add a comment
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Killing Ideas
  • Don't allow people to challenge assumptions (The incorrect link has been hidden) and status quo.
  • Don't give your people freedom to fail.
  • Ask for a detailed weekly report from every member of the innovation team.
  • Demand everyone to be smileless at work, don't let anyone to make business fun.
  • Don't create a corporate innovation system that makes commercialization of new ideas much easier.
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[ Elena Dobrynchenko ] 10/23/09 Add a comment


I also love the 16 Guaranteed Ways to Avoid the Hassle of Commercializing University Technology Through Equity Licensing Deals by Terry Collison.


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How To Prevent Commercialization of University R&D: 16 ways
Humorous Elena Dobrynchenko 10/23/09
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