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  How To Think Fast Modification 9/22/20 Ravi Bindra
  Value of Success and Failure Modification 9/22/20 Ravi Bindra
  Failure and Laughter Modification 9/9/20 Ravi Bindra
  Great! I'll send this advice to all my friends in US!))) Comment 3/17/16 Ravi Bindra
  Drivetronic helps to reduce traffic jam Comment 9/22/11 Ravi Bindra
  Never cheat, go to bed with your spouse only. Modification 8/18/11 Ravi Bindra
  I beleive we can add to this list, don't we? Comment 8/18/11 Ravi Bindra
  Never ask people to prepare tax reports! Modification 1/17/11 Ravi Bindra
  I'm just the opposite!:-))))))))) Comment 1/17/11 Ravi Bindra
  Thank's for the inspiration! Comment 3/31/10 Ravi Bindra
  One more condition: You Must Love Going To Extremes Modification 11/9/09 Ravi Bindra
  Chinese Proverbs About Money Comment 10/3/09 Ravi Bindra
  Trouble Sleeping? Just Breathe Comment 8/31/09 Ravi Bindra
  More Funny Work Excuses Comment 5/18/09 Ravi Bindra
  More Tips Comment 4/23/09 Ravi Bindra
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