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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ]   Created: 9/4/20   Closing date: 10/4/20
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[ Dennis Kotelnikov ] 9/4/20
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Genius innovation is often a product of a lazy mind that has to solve an unsolvable problem.

[ Kseniya Kotelnikova ] 9/4/20
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Taking risk is great for your health: it forces you to jump high and to run away fast afterwards.

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Risk and Health
Humorous Kseniya Kotelnikova 9 9/4/20
Failure and Laughter
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What Life Is
Humorous Dennis Kotelnikov 8 9/4/20
Learning from Failures
Humorous Dennis Kotelnikov 7 9/4/20
Failure and Learning
Humorous Kseniya Kotelnikova 0 9/21/20
Problems and Innovation
Humorous Kseniya Kotelnikova 0 9/22/20
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