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[ Elena Dobrynchenko ]   Created: 3/13/18   Closing date: 3/29/18
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Sergei Skripal, am old-time traitor who  moved from Russia to UK long ago, was nerve-poisoned in London just before the Presidential elections in Russia. Though anyone who has brain understands that this is a political provocation by British secret service, UK PM Theresa May was quick - without any evidence - to blame it on Russia in her no-sense anti-Putin campaign.

While all intelligent people laughed at her and her stupid attempt, a Russian TV show made a great joke of it. They say, it's like asking Theresa May what she feels when she steals sausages in a supermarket. If she claims she never steals sausages, one should respond, "We all know that you steal sausages. The question is not whether you steal or not. The question is what you feel when you steal sausages. You must give us a comprehensive explanation within 24 hours or otherwise face tough consequences!"

[ Ravi Bindra ] 3/13/18 Add a comment
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By making these allegations against Russia, Theresa May, actually, acknowldged that it were British Secret Service who committed that crime. How? She said that the the neural gas was identified as Russia-made. The only way to identify a chemical gas is to have a sample. So, UK has that gas. All one need now is to identify who has access to that gas and that's it - it's easy afterwards to find out who in UK committed that crime and who assisted tham.

[ Dragan Dejkovic ] 3/13/18 Add a comment

Here are the proofs:

  1. Neural gas "Novichok" kills wihin 10-15 minutes. The victims didn't die, which means they got antidote within 10 minites. Which, in turn, means that someone with antidote was waiting for this political show
  2. Dr. Mirzoyanov, inventor of "Novichok". lives in USA, a closest partner of UK secret services
  3. The world's largest plant producing chemical weapons is located nearby, in about 10 km, in Solsbury 
Put these three facts together, and everyone. except Theresa May. will understand that the incident was an aukward provocation of British sertet services

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[ Elena Dobrynchenko ] 3/29/18 Add a comment

Putin has been using the strategy "Create an external evemy of the country and start fighting him" to win his electorate back. He succeeded remarkably.

Theresa May learned f from Putin and decided to use the same strategy when she saw her populairity falling in the country. She also succeeded but just for a shortwhile, as long as emotions prevent Brits from thinking. After the emotional peak has waded, every sensible person will be able to see that May's accusations against Russia are just a fake, just a barking without any solid argument behind it.

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Theresa May is a good student of Putin
  Elena Dobrynchenko 3/29/18
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