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[ Swetlana Mitina ]   Created: 11/11/09   Closing date: 12/11/09
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The scientists of the Cambridge University  (Great Britain) are sure that the ability to earn money depends on the length of ring finger.

Until now no one took notice of the fact that the lucky traders's ring fingers are longer than their index fingers. During 20 months such traders earn eleven times more than their collegues.

You will ask me: what does the length of ring finger depend on? It depends on level of  testosterone covered with the blood of expectant mother. "This gormon makes a man much more purposeful and economical" - the scientists say.

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[ Anchali Hyapha ] 11/21/09 Add a comment

In Nothern Thailand, there is a traditioonal technology for extending your neck. So, extending a ring finger souldn't be a problem:-)

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Thank's, I know what to do now!
Humorous Anchali Hyapha 11/21/09
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