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  US Army are ugly cowards! Comment 4/14/18 Anchali Hyapha
  British pets must have a veto right))) Comment 4/7/18 Anchali Hyapha
  Agree, this is the most likely reason Comment 4/18/17 Anchali Hyapha
  Our commanders should learn from this cook)))) Comment 1/1/17 Anchali Hyapha
  USA tried to press upon the government in my country too Comment 12/17/16 Anchali Hyapha
  Apparently, they lack imagination Comment 4/28/16 Anchali Hyapha
  Interesting idea) I'll think whom I should partner with) Comment 5/15/15 Anchali Hyapha
  I agree Comment 5/8/14 Anchali Hyapha
  Very true:-)))))))))))) Comment 9/26/12 Anchali Hyapha
  Face control is not required in this case:-))) Comment 11/10/11 Anchali Hyapha
  And what to do with Arni himkself?:-))))))))))) Comment 11/10/11 Anchali Hyapha
  That's funny:-)))))) Comment 11/10/11 Anchali Hyapha
  I know what to do now!:-))))) Comment 7/16/11 Anchali Hyapha
  Thank's, I know what to do now! Comment 11/21/09 Anchali Hyapha
  I'd love to become a successful business woman Comment 11/21/09 Anchali Hyapha
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