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  She is a true HATE LEADER))))) Comment 3/17/18 Ravi Bindra
  The fanniest thing is that... Addition 3/13/18 Ravi Bindra
  Ha-ha-ha))) Two GREAT jokes in one))) Bravo! Comment 12/13/17 Ravi Bindra
  Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha))))))))))))))))))) Comment 4/13/17 Ravi Bindra
  What a powerful cook! Comment 1/1/17 Ravi Bindra
  Edward Snowden laughed at this announcement Comment 10/15/16 Ravi Bindra
  The real reason behind the sanctions is clear now))) Comment 3/30/16 Ravi Bindra
  5,000% in 18 months? Wow! I have to learn from them) Comment 6/23/15 Ravi Bindra
  Love it) very creative) Comment 5/15/15 Ravi Bindra
  Same here))) Comment 3/13/15 Ravi Bindra
  There are huge lies and there is poilitic Comment 1/21/15 Ravi Bindra
  Who Assassinated Abraham Lincoln - a Fresh Idea Comment 7/4/14 Ravi Bindra
  Re: Do you thinnk they can think? Comment 5/11/14 Ravi Bindra
  Yes, let's hope for the miracle as the reality is awful:-) Comment 5/11/14 Ravi Bindra
  Yes, they turn the truth upside down to hide their own fault Comment 5/8/14 Ravi Bindra
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