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[ Victoria Kozlova ]   Created: 8/4/14   Closing date: 8/30/14
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CIA,NATO and the funny spokesman of U.S. State Departments named Psaki deslared recently that is was not missile-equipped Ukrainian army but poorly armed independence fighters who shot down the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine last July.
They didn't produce any proof of their words. They said it was secret information. 
Any person whose IQ is above 0 would clearly see that they lie, yet they keep lying. This means they belive that all people in the World are too stupid to understand that they have no proof of what thay say.
In other words, they say you and all people in the World: 'Your IQ=0, so swollow our groundless declaration as the ultimate truth'.
OK. If they people in the World are that stupid, they'll be surprised soon to discover how wrong they were. 

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Actually too many people do believe these top-level liers
  Dragan Dejkovic 8/4/14
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