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[ Victoria Kozlova ]   Created: 12/26/15   Closing date: 12/31/15
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Erdogan saves man from committing suicide
Turkish media reports President Erdogan was able to talk a man from jumping off a bridge in Istanbul.


Turkish media reported President Erdogan Erdogan saved man from committing suicide. According to Turkish media, the man was apparently preparing to jump to his death when Erdogan's motorcade was passing over the bridge. Erdogan was reportedly able to talk a man from jumping off a bridge in Istanbul. After a few moments, the man can be seen kissing Erdogan's hand.

It’s clear that the utmost stupid people only are capable to believe in such an utmost untruthful PR action. So, by this PR action Erdogan actually says to the world, “I believe you’ll believe in this PR action because I believe you’re utmost stupid to believe in such bullshit”.

Twitter users surprised Erdogan by their cleverness however. They laughed at such an upmost stupid PR action..


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