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[ Ravi Bindra ]   Created: 4/14/18   Closing date: 4/30/18
Expert rating 7.25
Public rating 7.2

"White Helmets" organisation, famous for their fake videos and reports, made another fake movie, showing a chemical attack in Syria that never happened in reality.

Brave US President exclaimed "Mars attacks again!" UK Prime MInister echoed, "Yes, Mars attacks again!" Jointly they ordered their arm forces to launch 100+ missiles at small Syria. 

It's clear that US President and UK Prime Minister want to look heros by bombing a small Middle East country using a fake pretext. They did it before in Lybia, Serbia and Iraq and klled millions of civilians. Fortunately, this time Syria, using 50+ years old anti-missile weapons destroyed most if super-new US and UK missiles, so no one was killed this time. Damanged further were only the building that had been destroyed by the coaltion's bombings long ago. The whole attack was just a show-like fiction that cost taxpayers US$ 200+ M.

US President and UK Prime Minister who wanted to look heros turned out to be losers, both ethically and militarily.

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Who is to blame for this top-level terrorist attack?
  Victoria Kozlova 4/14/18
US Army are ugly cowards!
  Anchali Hyapha 4/14/18
They are "Lying Like Boris Jonnson"
Humorous Dragan Dejkovic 4/14/18
"Lying Like Boris Jonnson" - I love it!!!)))
Humorous Elena Dobrynchenko 4/14/18
They are Lying WORSE that Boris Jonnson!
  Elena Dobrynchenko 4/17/18
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