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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ]   Created: 8/17/20   Closing date: 9/16/20
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FUN4BIZ is a retro website. It was designed and launched in 2008 to run global entrepreneurial creativity contests. Fun4Biz was successfully beta-tested and was used for several years. In 2018 Fun4Biz was morphed because the software developer was reluctant to integrate it with other social media. 

It took the Pandemic 2020 to wake the Fun4Biz "sleeping beauty" up. The "sleeping beauty" was unwilling to wake up though. To start with, she refused to accept registration of new members. Then she refused to send new registrants e-mails with a temporary passowrd. Then she refused to accept their photos... 

It took a week to wake the Fun4Biz "sleeping beauty" up and turn her to a hospitable hostess.

Yet, the is a risk that not all parts of her beautiful body woke up. If you come across a bug, please tell me about it in the "Suggest an improvement" chapter (top frame, upper right button)

Thank you! 

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Re: IG 2020: fun4biz - a sleeping beauty woke up
Humorous Arsen Sargsyan 9/4/20
No bug is without beauty
Humorous Vadim Kotelnikov 9/4/20
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