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[ Kseniya Kotelnikova ]   Created: 10/17/20   Closing date: 11/16/20
Expert rating 9.75
Public rating 9.75

The semi-finals of the TEAM LEADER contest of World IG 2020 was most joyful leadership contest we've even experienced! 

We used to lead various teams in our life, but IG 2020 transformed us! We got empowered immensely! The contestants were given the power to recruit Dumbledore and Darth Vader to their teams and to chose Ariel and Snow White as their enemies to conquer!

It might look strange that no contestant chose Santa Claus, Hercules,and Donald Duck either as a team member or as an enemy. Why did they fail to inspire anyone? I think Santa didn't qualify because he's a seasonal worker. Donald Duck is reliable neither as a team member nor as an enemy. Hercules might be just too old.

Another intriguing feature of the contest is that Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Evil revealed their taste for teamwork for the first time ever. That was a great example of leveraged diversity: 1 + (-1) = 11! Mathematicians may say that this is impossible, but WE HAVE A DIFFERENCE TO MAKE!

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