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[ Swetlana Mitina ]   Created: 11/4/09   Closing date: 12/4/09
Expert rating 6.33
Public rating 6.2

There are two categories of people: 1) total abstainers and 2) people, "suffering from stomach ulcer"!

When you are going to present to anybody a bottle of alcohol, you always have to think if he or she drinks alcohol.

Here I suggest an exclusive gift for both categories. This gift looks like a bottle with two corks: overhead and at the bottom of the bottle. If addressee of your gift wishes, he or she have an opportunity to pour out the contents using cork at the bottom of the bottle.

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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ] 11/10/09
Expert rating 7
Public rating 7.25

Sheridan liqueur bottleBottles with two corks at the top and at the bottom are difficult to stock as they can be stocked in a horisontal position only.oth

Placing both corks at the top of the bottle would help to avoid this problem. The bottle would look like a Sheridan liqueur bottle (see the picture).

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The same, but with two corks at the top
  Vadim Kotelnikov 7.25 11/10/09
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