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[ Swetlana Mitina ]   Created: 4/18/10   Closing date: 4/22/10
Area of improvement: Other
Location: http://fun4biz.com/contestHNESubjects/list?choice[id_owner]=

Let me point another mistake which appeared in connection with sorting records in the Humorous Contests of the cite. As we have such Contests as Humorous News and Humorous Advices I think there is no necessity to classify records in those Contests into Humorous/Serious. All records are Humorous there.

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To correct the error.

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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ] 4/20/10 Add a comment

Thank's Sveta. Initially it was like that. Experiments showed however that sometimes people wish to publish interesting serious ideas in these contests, so we decided to make "Humorous" a default value and provide "Serious" as an option.

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Re: Humorous or Serious
  Vadim Kotelnikov 4/20/10
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