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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ]   Created: 5/16/10   Closing date: 5/19/10
Area of improvement: Contests
Location: http://fun4biz.com/joke/default/id/54

The joke "Who runs faster" is seen to be published, at least on my PC, in a non-standard font. It's not Arial, it's apparently Verdana.

Expert rating 6
Public rating 6

Is this a system error or a data entry error?

Check why this happened and correct the error.

[ Vadim Stebakov ] 5/19/10 Add a comment

What you write Is what you see

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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ] 5/21/10 Add a comment

I didn't change the font. I never do as I type all documents in Arial. Apparently, the system changed the font somehow. Please check.

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It seems to be a systems error.
  Vadim Kotelnikov 5/21/10
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