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[ Olga Chaschina ]   Created: 10/17/10   Closing date: 11/8/10
Area of improvement: Other
Location: http://fun4biz.com

I checked the website today and immediately found the following problems:

- Small number of open topics and competitions
- Low activity of registered users and small number of members
- Lack of information on the methodology of TRIZ

Expert rating 7.5
Public rating 7.5

- Please make the website more attractive for creative and thinking young people ( you could add detailed and useful information about TRIZ, add links to useful websites)
- Increase the number of members - experts in TRIZ and inventors (I would like to suggest you to advertise on fun4biz in the appropriate forums, such as the ones listed here http://www.trizland.ru/links.php)

And sorry for my english  :)

Current message
[ Vadim Kotelnikov ] 10/18/10 Add a comment

Hi, Olga,

Thank's for your suggestion!

We do have a brief discription of 40 TRIZ principles as well as many other creative and inventive thinking techniques in the Fun4Biz e-Coach.

We're beta-testing Fun4Biz.com at the moment, so just a small group of enthusiasts is actively participates in the entreprneurial creativity contests. We'll start full-scale operations early next year. But you'memost welcome to place a lin to Fun4Biz.com at http://www.trizland.ru/links.php right now.

Thank's again for your very useful suggestion.



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Re: To make the website more attractive
  Vadim Kotelnikov 10/18/10
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