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  Such doors will definitely help people stay in love forever) Comment 4/30/17 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Smartphone with a Voice Filter Modification 12/24/16 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Great! Yes, sandal-like bag would sell much better! Comment 11/14/16 Vadim Kotelnikov
  I would buy it myself Comment 7/17/13 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Yes, this option would also be useful Comment 7/14/13 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Thar would be really useful! Comment 7/14/13 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Instant Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Wine for Bath Powder Modification 2/24/13 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Re: Advertising slogans Comment 2/20/13 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Market response is good but the niche is too small Comment 2/12/13 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Vicky, yes, I believe it's a great product! Comment 12/5/11 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Yes, that would be great! Comment 11/8/11 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Vitalika's Drivetronic Antiswitchoff Siren is a solution Comment 9/22/11 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Disemination of Negative Market Information Comment 8/18/11 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Additional Ideas Comment 8/18/11 Vadim Kotelnikov
  Yes, we are starting several projects Comment 2/21/11 Vadim Kotelnikov
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