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[ Ravi Bindra ]   Created: 3/23/09   Closing date: 3/30/09
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Deodorizing UnderwearLet's be honest, people do fart, often in public. It's a shame for them and a torture to the public. Deodorizing underwear would help farters feel more self-confident and those around them happier.

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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ] 3/23/09
Expert rating 9
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Farting Fare Well, it's also a renewable energy source. This energy should not be wasted. A micro power plant could be built in in the underwear. The energy produced could be used for recharging a mobile phone. This would be especially useful when you travel in remote areas, say in mountains.
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Micro Power Generator
Humorous Vadim Kotelnikov 9 3/23/09
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