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[ Victoria Kozlova ]   Created: 5/8/09   Closing date: 5/31/09
Market size: Not specified    Investments required: Not specified
Expert rating 7.8
Public rating 7.89

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Sound Off

The Problem Addressed

Pretty often, of two (or more) people sharing bed or room, one has to get up earlier. Standard sound-based alarm clocks wake up everybody. A silent alarm clock would wake up the early riser only.

Two Key Features of the Silent Alarm Clock

1. Bluetooth Vibrating Wrist Band: the alarm clock would have a bluetooth vibrating wrist band (see an example)

2. Focused Light Beam: the alarm clock would to turn a focused light beam on.

Any other solutions?:-)

Top Rated

[ Elena Dobrynchenko ] 5/26/09
Expert rating 9.17
Public rating 9.13

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Water SprayerA focused timer-operated water sprayer would be a great silent alarm clock.  The alarm clock would push the button of an electronically operated water sprayer.

The main advantage of this solution is that it's more effective than a sound- or light-based alarm clock that you can switch of and keep sleeping. The water sprayer make the pillow wet and thus unpleasant to sleep on.

[ Ravi Bindra ] 5/8/09
Expert rating 7.4
Public rating 7.67

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Huge Inflatable Pillow A deflated inflatable pillow can be put under the main pillow, beneath the bed sheet. Just before the wake-up time, a timed air-pump would start inflating it, thus making further sleeping uncomfortable.

PS: A similar silent alarm clock can be provided to the passangers by conductors in Japanese railroads.

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