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[ Dragan Dejkovic ]   Created: 10/10/10   Closing date: 10/31/10
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Public rating 7.2

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Snorkeling CoralsWhile snorkeling, very often I see very interesting corals or fish and wish to call a friend of mine to come over and see it too. I cannot do it unfortunately as, to my knowledge, there is no water-proof commination system for snorkelers. A set of water-proof earphones and a microphone would help snorkellers to communicate and have more fun. Those waiting for snorkellers on the shore could also communicate with them whenever it's necessary.

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[ Anchali Hyapha ] 10/11/10
Expert rating 7
Public rating 7.33

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A pager with presettable signals, e.g. "Come and see", "Help", "Let's go back" etc. and an vibro-signal would be a chaper and a convenient solution. It wouldn't have much signal options, but you don't need to talk much while snorkeling. All you need is just a basic set of options.

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Snorkel Pager
  Anchali Hyapha 7.33 10/11/10
With a vibrator?:-)))
Humorous Elena Dobrynchenko 10/12/10
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