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[ Alexander Scheryakov ]   Created: 12/26/10   Closing date: 1/25/11
Market size: Small (< 100,000 people)    Investments required: Small (< US$50,000)
Expert rating 7.25
Public rating 8.73

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Often we should call a person from one place, for example, from home, at a time when we have to be in another place - at work or school, for example.Of course, you can cheat, but if our backs do not have the characteristic sounds of the place we're talking about, it can give us. Have a set of sounds for all occasion, which is convenient to play on any device. Work, school, home, children cry etc.With these soundsyou will be able to simulate any situation and persuade the caller or whatever.

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The idea may be well known, but the divice proposed is
  Ravi Bindra 12/28/10
Re: The idea may be well known, but the divice proposed is
  Alexander Scheryakov 12/30/10
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