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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ]   Created: 1/3/11   Closing date: 1/31/11
Market size: Medium (< 10,000,000 people)    Investments required: Medium (< US$5,000,000)
Expert rating 9
Public rating 9

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3D SpectaclesResearchers discovered: when sportsmen just watch someone exercising their muscles act in the same way if they were exercising themselves. Thus, fitness spectacles with a choice of fitness video programs can help people build a great and healthy body without actual excercising. Fitness spectacles would be a valuable product not for lazy or sick persons only. They would also help travellers, people waiting for something and other to make the most of the time otherwise waisted. 


Tree of discussion
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Oh, yes, I'd love to have such fitness spectacles
  Victoria Kozlova 1/3/11
If this really works, it'll be a very profitable business!
  Ravi Bindra 1/3/11
Yes, Ravi, here is more info about the Russian method.
  Vadim Kotelnikov 1/3/11
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