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  Wonderful invention, effective creative marketing strategies Comment 9/30/20 Ravi Bindra
  What is we use cleaners to carry the device? Comment 3/24/18 Ravi Bindra
  The Seat Behind Can Be Auctioned Modification 5/31/17 Ravi Bindra
  Valuable service. Such mistakes happen sometimes in India. Comment 10/26/16 Ravi Bindra
  Agree, good suggestion Comment 7/31/16 Ravi Bindra
  Plus Rent-Warm-Clothes Service Modification 3/15/16 Ravi Bindra
  Great idea! Comment 6/23/15 Ravi Bindra
  Eye opening and boosts creativiy! Comment 1/21/15 Ravi Bindra
  Great idea! Comment 12/25/14 Ravi Bindra
  Yes, me too, I'looking forward towards Comment 5/31/14 Ravi Bindra
  Low-calorie Menu Adviser Modification 9/27/12 Ravi Bindra
  Yes, it's GREAT diversification opportunity!:-))) Comment 5/24/12 Ravi Bindra
  Indeed, very profitable! Comment 5/24/12 Ravi Bindra
  Sure, it can! Comment 4/23/12 Ravi Bindra
  The Idea Is Good, But Such Systems Exist Already Comment 5/10/11 Ravi Bindra
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