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[ Alexander Scheryakov ]   Created: 12/30/10   Closing date: 1/29/11
Market size: Small (< 100,000 people)    Investments required: Large (> US$5,000,000)
Expert rating 7.67
Public rating 8.75

Harry Potter is very popular now. Sets of wizard etc. Let's create a school of magic in Europe, where the children apart from the normal classes will be taught divination, spiritualism and astrology. Pupils will learn the myths of peoples of the world, Feng Shui, Indian and Chinese teachings of harmony, yoga, chakras etc. The school will be built in the style of Harry Potter. Semester in the school will be an excellent gift for a child, it will help you look around at the world with imagination.

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This is a very interesting idea!
  Ravi Bindra 1/3/11
Me too, I love this idea!
  Vadim Kotelnikov 1/3/11
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