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[ Ravi Bindra ]   Created: 10/21/11   Closing date: 10/31/11
Market size: Large (> 10,000,000 people)    Investments required: Small (< US$50,000)
Expert rating 6.75
Public rating 6.8

Many members of Facebook and other social network write in their mather tongue that are shown to all friends. Many of these friends don't understand that language so for them such message just make communication less seemless. Two option could be provided to solve the problem:

  1. Author indicates the language of his or her message
  2. Members in their profile indicate messages in what languages they'd like to be shown to them.
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This option is implemented here at Fun4Biz.com
  Vadim Kotelnikov 10/21/11
Google+ Circles Solve the Problem To Some Extent
  Victoria Kozlova 10/21/11
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