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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ]   Created: 12/25/14   Closing date: 12/31/14
Market size: Medium (< 10,000,000 people)    Investments required: Medium (< US$5,000,000)
Expert rating 9.25
Public rating 9

Small innovative firms often lack resources required to create a new market niche for their innovative product.
A specialized online shop of highly discounted innovative products would help entrepreneurs acquire the critical mass of enthusiast customers, generate revenue, and build brand power.
It would also allow enthusiasts buy more of innovative products for the same amount of money.

PS: We're developing CimWave to beta test this idea.

Tree of discussion
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Great idea!
  Ravi Bindra 12/25/14
That would be truly helpful
  Dragan Dejkovic 12/25/14
I believe so
  Elena Dobrynchenko 12/27/14
I'd love to try it
  Victoria Kozlova 12/27/14
Yes, I believe this would help entrepreneurs greatly
  Anchali Hyapha 12/27/14
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