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[ Evgeniya Gulyaeva ]   Created: 6/13/12   Closing date: 7/13/12
Public rating 7.5

Why don't we wear clothes (or whatever) that are made by studens during art lessons?

Expert rating 8
Public rating 8

What if we give such clothes to orphans or invalids? Or we can sell them at auctions?

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What if?
[ Vadim Kotelnikov ] 6/14/12
Expert rating 8.33
Public rating 8.17

Agree with Evgeniya regarding charity and auctioning.
Additionally, an Internet shop of unique stuident art works could be created. People love to be unique and give unique gifts to others. Many would love to buy unique artworks for themselves or as gifts.
I believe such an Internet-shop would be a viable business. It will also help student artists establish themselves on the market faster.

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What if we create an Internet-shop of unique art works?
  Vadim Kotelnikov 8.17 6/14/12
Re: What if we create an Internet-shop of unique art works?
  Evgeniya Gulyaeva 6/18/12
Thank you for the inspiration:-)
  Vadim Kotelnikov 6/14/12
Re: Thank you for the inspiration:-)
  Evgeniya Gulyaeva 6/18/12
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