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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ]   Created: 12/27/08   Closing date: 12/30/08
  Why it's so difficult to get the 4th nylon string separately for a classic guitar?
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Clasic GuitarWhat if manufacturers put 2 or 3 extra 4th strings in the set?

The problem with the 4th nylon string of a classic guitar is that it breaks much more often than any other string. Yet, it's difficult to buy it separately. Usually, one have to buy the complete set, so 5 strings out of 6 are wasted.

To illustrate, right now I have 5 sets of strings without the 4th one. I had to buy all these sets because I needed just the 4th string. Puting 2 or 3 extra 4th strings in the set would minimize wastes.

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