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[ Dragan Dejkovic ]   Created: 3/27/09   Closing date: 3/30/09
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Public rating 8.4

Opium Growers in AfghanistanWhat if NATO countries use some of their killing budget for good reason instead? Taliban get funds from drug traficking that increased dramatically after NATO started their war in Afghanistan.

NATO, over the period of 5 years, could give money to opium growers for NOT growing opium, thus leaving Taliban with less funding. NATO could train opium grower to grow something else and buy their produce. Buy doing so, NATO would breed peace, gratitude, and happiness instead of war, terrorism and hate.

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  Ravi Bindra 3/28/09
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  Anchali Hyapha 9/4/09
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  Victoria Kozlova 9/7/09
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