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Sowing a Seed: Joaquim's Fault

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By Fun4Biz-ers

Sowing a SeedA man is digging a hole at the same time that his friend is covering up the same hole. And thus they spend the day, one digs and the other one covers up. Curious, a passerby who can no longer keep quiet watching the surrealist scene, approaches the two men and asks, "Gentlemen, what exactly does this mean?"
"Well, we're working," one of them answers.
"And are you positive there's nothing wrong with what you're doing?"
"Well, if there is something wrong here, it's Joaquim's fault. He didn't show up today."
"And who's Joaquim?" asks the passerby.
"He is the guy who sows the seed."

Anchali Hyapha  9/28/09      All jokes published by this user
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[ Topic ] Sowing a Seed: Joaquim's Fault (Anchali Hyapha) 9/28/09
Great joke with so many application areas:-))) (Vadim Kotelnikov) 9/28/09
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