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7/30/11  2nd INNOMPIC GAMES 2018

INNOMPIC GAMES (innompiics.com) - intellectual Olympics for innovators -  is a cilizational breakthrough and THE SOLUTION to 7 big global probelms.  Read more >>>

3/4/11  Revolutionary Fun4Biz Talent Search Service

A revolutionary Fun4Biz Find Team Members service was launched!

By assigning weights to the Fun4Biz Five Evaluation Criteria - Creative Entrepreneur, Creative Problem Solver, Inventor, Improvement Champion,...

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3/4/11  Fun4Biz Radically Innovative Business Model

Traditional social networks help people socialize but don’t help them grow.

Fun4Biz is different. It’s...

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1/18/11  Turning Disabled Kids into Internet Entrepreneurs

Fun4Biz founders launch a new great project! We will help disabled kids start a new exciting life! We'll help them become Internet entrepreneurs!

The first project called "Ulyan Murometz" after...

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12/25/10  Funny Classics: Fun4Biz 2010 Winners

A clip with the three 2010 best Funny Cllasics collages has been published here. The winners are:

  1. Kill Bill
  2. WikiLeaks
  3. Joining WTO

Bonus picture --...

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12/12/10  Great Fun4Biz Slogan Is Being Created!

We're are creating jointly a great advertising slogan for Fun4Biz.com in the contest "Advertising Slogans". Over 10 great slogan have been suggested so far. The first contest has been closed.

The second contest...

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9/27/10  VVV1: 1st International Conference

VVV1: 1st International Conference

Fun4Biz.com is a part of the Global Virtual Venture Valley...

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9/27/10  "Innovatel" was launched

"Innovatel" has been launched 

A unique private business incubator "Innovatel" was launched on September 2010. It...

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