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9.13  2  Palladio
Owner Victoria Kozlova

8.57  1  My brother
Owner Eva Novakova

8.14  0  Winter comes
Owner Swetlana Mitina

8  1  A rimy leaf
Owner Swetlana Mitina

8  0  Inspiration
Owner Vadim Kotelnikov

7.86  1  An embankment of Volga-river in the evening
Owner Swetlana Mitina

7.83  1  An autumnal fir-tree
Owner Swetlana Mitina

7.78  1  dsc_0188.jpg
Owner Vadim Stebakov

7.43  0  An autumnal reflection again
Owner Swetlana Mitina

6.86  0  In the morning
Owner Swetlana Mitina
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