Peter Drucker, author of Managing for Results

By: Peter Drucker

Source: Managing for Results by Peter Drucker

Peter Ferdinand Drucker is revered as the father of modern corporate management. He was often called the world's most influential business guru. His thinking transformed corporate management in the latter half of the 20th century.



  1. Being "the Fastest and the Mostest" the "greatest gamble", aiming from the beginning at permanent  leadership.

  2. "Hitting Them Where They Ain't" either by "creative imitation"; or by "entrepreneurial judo", a Japanese concept that enables newcomers to catapult themselves into a leadership position against entrenched, established companies

  3. Finding and occupying a specialized "ecological niche" obtaining a practical monopoly in a small area

  4. Changing the economic characteristics of the product, a market, or an industry by creating utility, or pricing, or adaptation to the customer's social and economic reality, or delivering what represents true value to the customer.


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