By: Seth Godin, the author of Survival Is Not Enough


Internal corporate criticism takes many forms, most of them ill-informed and unfair.

Here are five ways to be an unfair critic.

  1. Speak in absolutes. That film you saw last night is "the worst movie I've ever seen in my life." Heap as much negative thoughts in one sentence as possible.

  2. Criticize not just the item in question, but the background of the person or company responsible. If you can point out how much you disliked something else from this source, by all means do so.

  3. Criticize the motivation of the creator. Maybe they're doing it just for money. Maybe they have some sort of secret political agenda. Better yet, the person behind it is certainly some kind of "wannabe".

  4. Criticize the taste and judgment of anyone who disagrees with your criticism.

  5. Make threats in your criticism. Threaten to "tell everyone" or to personally destroy the reputation or property of the creator.


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