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[ Blob Varchar ]   Created: 7/19/11   Closing date: 8/18/11
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Cycling on WaterJesus walked on water. A British teenager Matt Whitehurst, 16, can cycle on water. He rode his bicycle on a lake 75-feet deep to raise awareness for flood victims in London's Lake District. He performed the stunt to promote an upcoming cycling event that will raise money to build bridges destroyed in 2009 flooding.

"I can't and won't say how I did it, but plenty of people saw me and they'll confirm it wasn't a camera trick," he said. "The photos are real."

Well, there is no need to explain how he did it. It's clear without any explanations - it's just a miracle as usual. The only thing you need to do such miracles is to believe you can!


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I tried to cycle on water but I falied:-((()))
Humorous Victoria Kozlova 7/19/11
Vita, this means you used a wrong cycle:-)))
Humorous Vadim Kotelnikov 7/19/11
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