By: Roni Horowitz

Author of Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking (ASIT) Technique

  1. Sacrifice: Remove an important part of your product and try to find a new value for the invalid product.


  2. Parasite Product: Remove a part from your product and replace it with an element from the environment.

  3. Unification: The Unification tool is opposite to the Parasite tool. With Unification your product fulfills the functions of other products (e.g. edible birthday candles).

  4. Multiplication: Create a virtual product and then go out to discover the benefits. A virtual product can be created by replacing a part of an existing product by a similar, but different one. This technique helps create surprising ideas and discover hidden needs that the customer didn't know about or couldn't communicate.

  5. Division: Separate all the elements and then reorganize them in a new structure.

  6. Breaking Symmetry: Identify the symmetries in your product and try to reorganize it by breaking the symmetries one after another in a systematic way.

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