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  1. Browse, constantly search for new ideas and inspiration: make constant browsing of journals, books, newspapers and Internet your habit and an integral part of your corporate culture. Browse the aisles at your favorite bookstore and make a practice of looking at sections you've never checked out before. You'd be surprised at how much you can learn about the latest trends by scanning titles and book jackets.


  2. Look wider: don't focus too much on your competition spend as much time learn from noncompetitive industries as well. Knowing the state of the art or the soon-to-be state of the art in one industry can give you a jump in your chosen field.

  3. Observe people, customers and noncustomers, especially enthusiasts.

  4. Build bridges from one department to another, from your company to your prospective customers, and ultimately from the present to the future.

  5. Live innovation: get involved in many innovative projects to acquire a unique perspective on the future, get a sense of the holistic nature of change, and learn how things evolve.

  6. Brainstorm like crazy.


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