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[ Ravi Bindra ]   Created: 11/28/10   Closing date: 12/28/10

ATM fraud involving debit cards and personal-identification numbers is on the rise.

How the ATM fraud could be reduced?

Let's suggest some creative solutions that would help increase ATM security and reduce our risk as ATM users.

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[ Vadim Kotelnikov ] 11/28/10 Add a comment
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Some experts say banks and retailers may use the capabilities of smartphones to verify transactions. This will increase ATM security but will also increase queues.

Some banks inform you by SMS that a cash withdrawal was made fom your account. In case the withdrawal was unauthorised, you can call the bank and request them to disable ATM withdrawal. This is good, but not good enough.

Description of the prposed solution. ...

As the idea arouse great interest of prospective business partners who suggest to patent and commercialize it, the desciption was made confidential. Sorry for the inconvenience caused, but the business in this particular case comes first.

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Advance Cash Withdrawal Notice
  Vadim Kotelnikov 9.5 11/28/10
Yes, this is a great solution!
  Elena Dobrynchenko 11/28/10
  Elena Dobrynchenko 11/28/10
Thank's Elena!:-)
  Vadim Kotelnikov 11/29/10
Screen-Touch Fingertip Control
  Dragan Dejkovic 7 12/18/10
ATM Security Tips
  Victoria Kozlova 11/28/10
Re: ATM Fraud
  Shamray Alexander 1/22/11
Re: ATM Fraud
  Марина Троянова 1/25/11
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